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The medical school interview is a huge day for you. As a premed student you’ve worked hard to get to this point. Only about 15-20% of applicants to a medical school get interviewed at that school, so if you received an invite, you’re ahead of the game. As a physician and host of The Premed …

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Pwning the Personal Statement Part IIIB: Example 2

We’ve talked about writing and editing the Personal Statement over 3 parts: Pwning the Personal Statement Part I: Intro and Free Essay Reviews! Pwning the Personal Statement Part II: Writing the thing Pwning the Personal Statement Part IIIA: Editing Now we want to show you how to put it in action. This series of example …

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Pwning the Personal Statement Part IIIB: Example 1

We’ve talked about writing and editing the Personal Statement over 3 parts: Pwning the Personal Statement Part I: Intro and Free Essay Reviews! Pwning the Personal Statement Part II: Writing the thing Pwning the Personal Statement Part IIIA: Editing Now we want to show you how to put it in action. This series of example …

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Pwning the Personal Statement Part IIIA: Editing

This article is a continuation of Pwning the Personal Statement Part II: Writing the thing Students often think that great admissions essays are built using the most impressive content and that the sum of the content builds a coherent story. Unfortunately, this often leads to essays with no vision and no story. These essays often confuse …

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Personal Statement: Discussing Your MCAT Score

Is your MCAT score a good topic to discuss in your medical school personal statement? Let’s say your MCAT score isn’t too high — should you explain your score in the personal statement? Or let’s say your MCAT score is something kickass, like a 35 or higher. Should you bring that up in your essay? …

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What to Do For Medical School Admissions When Your GPA Is Low

There’s a paradox in premed advising, and frankly it’s pervasive.Here’s the paradox: Early in your academic career, you go to a premed advisor, teacher, professor, or trusted friend, talk about your grades, your background, your volunteering, etc., and then you ask, “How am I doing?” They ask a few questions, pause a moment, and then …

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Finding Your Passion and the Push for Primary Care

There is an obvious primary care health care shortage looming in this country. By 2025 it is estimated that the US will be short nearly 52,000 primary care physicians.1 With such a shortfall looming, everyone involved in the health care system, including medical schools, are trying to innovate change to fix it. One of the …

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MCAT2015: Something New

In celebration of the launch of our MCAT2015 Question of the Day (the first one out there!), we wanted to do something a little different than what you’ll find on the blogosphere about the new MCAT2015. Pretty much every premed blogger and MCAT prep company has offered their two cents on the upcoming MCAT in …

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Q&A with M Prep: Personal Statements

We recently received this email from a student regarding writing her personal statement: I have been working on my personal statement and I started out with the free flow writing. It worked out well at getting ideas but I feel my paper sounds egotistical, too ‘health’ related, doesn’t transition well, and kinda feels all over …

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5 Tips to Acing Premed Requirements

Are A’s everything in med school admissions? Not really, in fact, you get get away with B’s on your transcript pretty comfortably. Want proof? Based on AAMC admissions data, for students who got a 30 on the MCAT, 54% of those with a GPA of 3.6 were admitted to med school. 72% of those with …

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