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Taking MCAT practice exams is one of the most useful things you can do in your exam preparation.  Most advice out there tells you to “understand why you got things wrong.”  Here’s the problem with that advice: it doesn’t actually tell you how to go over your exams.  Going over your wrong answers may remind you of …

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Should I Retake the MCAT?

You were shooting for a 38 but instead you got a 37.  Time to buckle down and study harder to retake the exam?  Probably not.  Unfortunately, most students don’t find themselves in this wonderful dilemma.  Instead, they were shooting for 30+ and perhaps received a 28.  If you missed your mark by a few or …

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Summary of the Event: eCourse Info Session and Sample

Last night we hosted a great info session and sample for the eCourse.  We were happy to have an overwhelming response so we ended up running two sessions to fit everyone in!  We discussed details of our MCAT course options, how they work, past students performance, and we answered students’ questions.  We then ran a …

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Getting Into Research: Part III

We’re continuing our series on “Getting Into Research” as a strategy to increase competitiveness for medical school. Check out Part I and Part II or continue reading for Part III: 3. Reach out. You’ve got a couple avenues depending on whether you’re taking the co-op/research program approach or a direct approach.  Research programs and co-op …

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Getting Into Research: Part II

We’re continuing our series on “Getting Into Research” as a strategy to increase competitiveness for medical school.  Check out Part I or continue reading Part II below: 2. Build your case. Researchers are often very busy people. If you ask “do you have a job?” and they don’t, you’ll be lucky if they respond to tell …

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Getting Into Research: Part I

Research is a buzzword in every pre-med’s vocabulary. It’s an important step in learning about the fast-growing field of medicine and a way to get exposure to cutting edge discoveries. Medical schools like to see some research background in applicants, so most premeds apply for a limited number of spots. On top of the competition, …

Cytotec Where Can I Buy It

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Taking Time Off After Undergrad

You’re approaching the end of your undergraduate career and deciding whether to take time off after undergrad. Perhaps you applied to schools and didn’t get in (where you want to go), or for some other reason, you’re considering taking time off between undergrad and med school. What should you do in that time? How much …

Cytotec Where To Buy In Manila

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Planning for College Freshmen

Welcome to college. You’re finally free of the constraints of high school – now it’s time to chill until the MCAT in a couple years, right? Wrong! If med school is on your radar, now is the time to plan the next few years of your college career. One of the biggest mistakes premeds make …

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What’s NOT on the MCAT?

Everyone talks about what you can expect to see on the MCAT, but it’s hard to figure out what information won’t be on the exam. For some topics (like quantum physics or astronomy), it’s commonly understood that they’re not tested. However, there are topics covered in intro-level science courses that are often confused for being …

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The Limitations of MCAT Textbooks

You’re laying out your study schedule for the next few months.  You’re planning on using some combination of books, official practice exams, and of course, Wikipedia.  Maybe you’ll even pour over your notes from your prerequisite classes.  But how do you optimize your study time and get the most value from all these study materials? …

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