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You’re a premed.  You’re taking the MCAT.  Of course, you want to do as well as possible – this is your future we’re talking about.  But how do you decide whether to self-study, take a course, etc…?  Are courses upwards of $2,000 worth it and are there other quality materials available for the budget-conscious? It’s …

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Q&A with Dr. Vineet Arora

Dr. Vineet Arora is an Assistant Program Director for the Internal Medicine Residence and Assistant Dean of Scholarship and Discovery at the Pritzker School of Medicine for the University of Chicago.  She blogs at FutureDocs, a blog about medical education thoughts, news, policy, with tips for medical students and residents.  She also directs the NIH-sponsored Training …

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Pwning the Personal Statement Part II: Writing the thing

This article is a continuation of Pwning the Personal Statement Part I: Intro and Free Essay Reviews! Starting the essay can be extremely stressful and is often the hardest part of making a great personal statement (PS).  Students often want to write the essay by having inspiration inform structure.  This usually results in staring at a …

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Pwning the Personal Statement Part I: Intro and Free Essay Reviews!

It’s getting to be that time when the early birds are thinking about their personal statements.  And you know what they say about the early birds… they get the interview!  We’re doing this series because a) most students struggle building a strategy for this problem and b) this is an extremely long and difficult component …

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Getting Solid Rec Letters: Part II

This article is a continuation of Getting Solid Rec Letters: Part I Seal the deal Ok you’ve made friends with this mentor.  Now it’s time for rec letter writing.  When do you ask for it, what do you ask for, and how do you ask for it?   Don’t reveal that you want them to write …

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Getting Solid Rec Letters: Part I

Ah, one of the most dreaded moments of the undergraduate career: emailing a former professor who never quite learned your name and asking for a letter of recommendation.  It’s hard to tell which is scarier – pretending you knew the prof well enough to write you a letter, or worrying about whether the letter will …

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MCAT Question of the Day vs. AAMC MCAT

Every so often we get an email from a user saying “Who writes these questions?  Why can’t you post actual questions from the MCAT like other prep companies?” Why can’t you post actual MCAT questions? Because we’re not the AAMC, which owns and maintains strict copyright on their questions.  If you could get official MCAT …

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Three Proven Ways to Improve Verbal

Alright, unless you’re a comparative literature major, it’s likely that this will be your most dreaded section.  Why do people dislike this section so much?  There are a few factors including: Passages are long and boring – verbal passages focus on the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  One passage may be about Victorian etiquette, while …

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Why Generic Advice is Hurting Your Chances of Med School

Welcome to the M Prep Portal! Even if you’re just getting started in your premed adventure, the following advice is probably already all too familiar: do research, volunteer, start writing your personal statement early, edit your personal statement, ask for recommendations from people who know you well, start studying for the MCAT at age 3. …

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