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It’s easy to become overwhelmed as a premedical student.  Are you a freshman who has no idea what major to choose and what activities to invest time in to get into med school?  Did you get waitlisted and are trying to plan how to include research into your year off?  Are you a mature student who’s been out of school for a bit is making the transition from industry into healthcare?

We promise you’re not alone.  Email us your story or question to info@mcatquestionaday.com or post it as a reply.  We’ll feature it and give you advice you can work with!

– M Prep Team

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  1. CC

    Ok long story short. I spent WAY too much time reviewing the physical sciences, and realized half way through the reason it was taking so long to understand the material is the book I was using. Half way through gen chem I switched to the Princeton review books, which were much better for my learning style. Although, I have technically covered all the major topics at least once from physics and gen chem, but I feel as if I need to continue reviewing over the gen chem sections I didn’t fully grasp and at the same point I’m pressuring myself to move on as I’m running low on time. Bascially all I have accomplished today is thinking about where to go from here. how do I quickly/efficiently reveal the topics I’m not the best at while still having enough time in the day to do VR, BIO, and writing (which i havent even started)?? However I was a molecular biology major so everything but (some) physiology should be familiar to me. HELP please! Im so stressed and lost at what step to take next. thank you

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