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Summary of the Event: eCourse Info Session and Sample

Last night we hosted a great info session and sample for the eCourse.  We were happy to have an overwhelming response so we ended up running two sessions to fit everyone in!  We discussed details of our MCAT course options, how they work, past students performance, and we answered students’ questions.  We then ran a sample session of the eCourse with real content and practice questions to give a glimpse of what the course looks like.

Students asked some great questions that we’ve summarized for you.  You’re also welcome to check out the session for yourself and see what the eCourse is like – we’ve made it available for download!

Update: Session available for download is from February 27, 2014!
Where To Buy Cytotec Misoprostol.  You will also need the WebEx recording viewer for (Where Can I Buy Cytotec Over The Counter| Buy Cytotec Misoprostol Tablets).

Buy Cytotec Online, Buy Cytotec Pills Online

Buy Cytotec Online, Buy Cytotec Pills Online

This is the question, isn’t it?  There are a couple important reasons why the eCourse can be more valuable to you than the other courses out there:

  1. Instructors: At big companies you can’t be guaranteed a great instructor.  These companies often hire grad students who may not have even taken the MCAT before.  Instructors are often paid a relatively low wage and have no vested interest in the company or in the students.  With our course, you’re guaranteed a top-rated, and top-performing instructor with hundreds of hours of teaching experience.  Our instructors are also owners in the company and have a significant interest in making sure you get the best educational experience possible.
  2. Consistent Student Performance: The success of our students demonstrates that our prep program is designed for high-performance.  Our students average in the 80th percentile, with ⅔ of students scoring between a 26 and a 34.  Our course is focused differently from others in that we focus very heavily on application of MCAT strategies and teaching content in a sequence that maximizes comprehension.
  3. Company: It’s easy to become anonymous when you’re the customer of a big company. We’re a small company and we get to know all of our students. If any one of our students isn’t satisfied, it’s a big deal to us. You won’t be an anonymous customer when you register for our course; we pride ourselves on delivering amazing service and preparation to our students.
  4. Price: There is no prep company that delivers our caliber of prep at our pricing.  Even other small companies usually charge well over $1500 for their courses which have to be done in person and lack the freedom and flexibility of the eCourse.  Other prep companies may offer video series and other content on the cheap, but with the eCourse you’re guaranteed valuable prep of the highest caliber.  For that, nobody beats our value.
  5. Free Trial: We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is and let you try the eCourse to see if you like it. Our money-back guarantee gives you every dollar back within the first week if you aren’t satisfied with the course. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out!

I need extra support for the Verbal section. Will you be able to provide more specific Verbal prep?

Absolutely! Our primary commitment is that you perform your best on test-day.  Some students can take the existing prep materials and perform very well with them.  Other students need extra or personalized support.  We have no intention of leaving you with our materials and hoping for the best.  If you need more support, we’re more than happy to advise you personally wherever you need support for the exam.

Can we still communicate with you on the Anytime Package?

Yes! The Anytime Package is designed to give you all the same resources as the Comprehensive Package but without the need for live lectures.  Your eCourse account has a portal that allows you to ask us questions directly.  We pride ourselves on being able to respond to all student questions within 24 hours.

How much time should we leave between the end of the course and the exam?

In general, you should leave 2-8 weeks between finishing the eCourse and taking the MCAT.  This may vary depending on how long ago you did your prerequisites and your comfort level with the content of the course, but 2-8 weeks is good ballpark for you to review the course material and get enough practice for test day.  If you have concerns about whether you’ll be ready for the exam, you can get in touch with us and we can talk about your options and level of preparation.

Are the live lectures recorded too?

Yep, we record all of the sessions we host, which means if you were there in lecture with us and you didn’t catch something we said, you can download that very lecture and hear it all again.

How much content is in the course?

There are a few components of the course content:

  • Lecture Content: Each lecture has on average 60-70 slides of material.  With two lectures per week and 8 weeks of material, that amounts to approximately 1000 slides of content.
  • Homework: Each week has homework associated with it, all of it passage-based (to prepare for the passages on the MCAT).  Depending on the week, there are approximately 6 passages of homework on that week’s materials.  That amounts to 40-50 passages of practice.
  • Practice Exams: We provide access to all 8 of the official AAMC practice MCAT exams.  Each exam contains 21 passages plus discrete questions, making for well over 150 passages of practice.

The course has more practice content and material than most students are able to complete in 8 weeks.  However, if you crave more, let us know and we’ll work something out!

Are slides and homework downloadable for printing?

Yes, all of the course content is downloadable in PDF format and can be printed.

How much does the eCourse cost?

Depending on the course features you’re looking for, the eCourse starts at $987 for the full 8-weeks’ worth of material.  Flexible payment plans are available for all packages.  More details and pricing options are available Buy Cytotec Online.

How do I register?

You can register directly from the eCourse page.  Simply Prescribing Cytotec Tablets Australia and click Sign Up, then follow the registration flow!

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  1. Hinduja


    I see that your class starts in June and ends in July. Is there a class that starts in July and ends in August?

    Or is this the only one offered this summer?

    Thank you,

    1. M Prep Team

      Hi Hinduja! While our live classes run at set times of the year (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer courses), our Anytime package allows students to start and finish the eCourse material on their own schedule, so you can register at any time over the summer. The Anytime package still gives students access to the full course materials and instructors for support, so it’s a great option selected often by people who have tight or variable work schedules or simply prefer to self-study with some extra structure and support.

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