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Welcome to college. You’re finally free of the constraints of high school – now it’s time to chill until the MCAT in a couple years, right? Wrong! If med school is on your radar, now is the time to plan the next few years of your college career. One of the biggest mistakes premeds make is not outlining milestones and critical early-stage activities in college like, connecting with faculty, joining key organizations, shadowing doctors and volunteering, or planning coursework.

Incoming freshmen this year also have one unique challenge looming: the new MCAT in 2015. Unless you take the MCAT by the end of summer 2014, you’ll be preparing for major updates to the exam. Current materials won’t adequately prepare you for the exam and should be taken with a grain of salt. Although we’ll be learning more about the exam structure between now and then, official practice materials won’t be made available until 2014.

Premeds are constantly vying for top spots in their classes, key internships and volunteer positions, as well as building relationships with well-known professors. To stay ahead, you need to have a game plan. Start thinking about the key parts of your application; what you’ll need and what milestones you need to achieve. The following chart displays some of these key components that you should begin considering.

Dates Recommendations Volunteering/Research Coursework MCAT
Now Identify key researchers, professors and other figures who may become your recommenders for medical school. You don’t need to contact them now about writing you a rec letter – just make a running list of individuals who can provide you good mentorship during undergrad and potentially vouch for you when the time comes. Though it’s early, think about the kind of work you might be interested in. Make lists of campus organizations and people to reach out to for opportunities. Look into summer programs where you can develop these interests. It’s never too early to map out your course plan based on the different majors that might interest you. Identify the key courses you need for med school and (especially with classes that have a reputation for being difficult) try to spread them out between semesters so you can focus. The earlier you take classes that cover content on the MCAT (e.g. intro bio, orgo, etc.), the better-prepared you’ll be for the exam. Many students fail to take these courses until after or during their MCAT, making it difficult to master the content!
Freshman + Sophomore Years Keep this list and revise it as you go through the next few years. Stay in touch with promising leads. Also, check out our post about Getting Solid Rec Letters. This is your opportunity to dip your feet in different activities – volunteering, research, sports, anything! Narrow down 1-3 key positions where you can truly develop a passion and gain leadership skills and experience. Of course you should do as well as you can in your courses! Go to office hours and get to know your professors. And please, don’t just take all science – take something you find interesting. You may discover a passion you never knew you had. As more content is released, get your hands on it and start practicing! At least you will have a sense of the type of content you’ll need to know and where your weak areas are.
Junior + Senior Years Continue building your network and narrow down your list of contacts – reach out to them and let them know about your interests and your goals; ask them to provide you a recommendation. Start reflecting on your experiences and thinking about how they might tie into your personal statement. Ensure you’re meeting all your coursework requirements and take any required classes that you’re missing.. Study hard and take the MCAT!

Don’t fail to plan because you “don’t know what’s going to happen in the next 3 years.” While you may not have a magic crystal ball (you may be able to grab one from your local mystic), the point of planning isn’t to dictate the rest of your life; it’s to give you a roadmap for key milestones you need to remember and prepare for. Plans can always be updated as your goals and milestones change, so start planning early! What are some of your goals for this academic year?

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